Worlds and Books

(or some equally short and simple, appropriate navigational header... it would be cool if I could make the link in the fixed navigation bar big/highlighted/emphasized for each page, in some way that lets the viewer know "You Are Here"... or I could have a literal "You Are Here" and red dot... ideas)

This is where I insert the landscape/location thumbnail for each world, the blurb I'll prepare for each, the dropdown of books/series (published and forthcoming) in each, and link to the world's individual pages (where more landscapes/location thumbnails&images, detailed information about the world, and information about how the books link chronologically will be described). The dropdown list should include [Buy it Here] links beside titles which are available for digital or physical purchase and [forthcoming] links beside anything completed and with a known to-be-published date, but zero other information. Not because I don't want to share, but because until the book is complete and set to publish, the details could change-- and once it's set to publish, the Buy and Preorder pages will have all that information anyway. K.I.S.S. and avoid redundancy.