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(or some equally short and simple, appropriate navigational header... it would be cool if I could make the link in the fixed navigation bar big/highlighted/emphasized for each page, in some way that lets the viewer know "You Are Here"... or I could have a literal "You Are Here" and red dot... ideas)

This is where I briefly mention what people generally contact me about (old friends getting in touch, advice when commissions go bad, soliciting, questions about stories, notification of my work being stolen/infringed, asking to reference or link the How To, spam) and have some links to things like How To Commission An Artist and I'm A Commissioner, buttons or a list of sites I used to be active on (so they know it's me), the Travian thing, the dragcave stuff, etc. I should only link what's relevant currently and/or what was complete and popular in the past. This should also be very brief.

This is where I put my actual contact info, namely a "Email me here" that opens a box for someone to email me without giving them my address.

Dropdown: "You are a [hater/fan/artist/other]"

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