(or some equally short and simple, appropriate navigational header... it would be cool if I could make the link in the fixed navigation bar big/highlighted/emphasized for each page, in some way that lets the viewer know "You Are Here"... or I could have a literal "You Are Here" and red dot... ideas)

This is where I would like to have some sort of search or filter bar, so people can sort by genre, age/gender, art/little art/no art, by published book and "unpublished," by sexuality, or maybe just by keyword. If by keyword, it should be keywords on their individual pages which filter results on this main page, not a filter of the blurbs/dropdowns or going I Feel Lucky directly to the individual pages. But I'm not sure how I want the search/filter option to work in the first place. I just know that I don't want anything that results in a search-engine-style set of results. I guess I really want a filter, then, not a search.

This is where I insert the body/headshot thumbnail or doll for each character, the blurb I'll prepare for each, the dropdown of at-a-glance basic details (not sure what these should be, other than exceedingly brief), and link to the individual pages (where more thumbnails&images, detailed information about the character, and information about which books/series they appear in are described, as well as any other interesting stuff that doesn't get too cluttered). These should be sorted and marginally separated by world (in the same order as on the Worlds page) and, if there are many of them, grouped in some visually appealing, asymmetric way.